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Note: The topics and demonstrators listed below are subject to change. Check back often for the latest information.

Note: We have more demos lined up than are shown below, but we haven’t slotted them into months yet.

2020 Dates

(Note – we have demos lined up for 2020 that we have not yet scheduled – the scheduling will fall into place early in the year.)

Month Date Demo / Event Challenge
January 6
Special Guest: Aaron Foley
Aaron is an attorney for vonBreisen and Roper and will be doing a short presentation focusing on estate planning and directives. You are probably thinking how does this apply to woodturning, but seriously, this is important stuff. None of us are getting younger and what happens to all of your tools, equipment and wood when you’re gone. The topic has come up a recently so it seems fitting to have an expert in. This is an informative discussion for you, your spouse (welcomed to attend) and your family. Aaron will help explain and simplify the process.
Demonstrator: Dennis Motl
On a far less serious matter, fellow club member Dennis Motl, is going to create a “collaborative, high impact, multi-axis, recombobulated vessel”. As Dennis explains it – “a first of a kind demo, a bit of fun and foolishness”… “The demo is about expanding your mind!”
February 3

Casey Gabrielson and his brother are local wood turners who make wooden hats. Their equipment is too extensive to bring in to do a live demonstration, but Casey will make a presentation on their methods.

February 21-23

Woodworking Show in Milwaukee
Milwaukee County Sports Complex
6000 Ryan Rd, Franklin, WI

March 2

Colleen Volland to talk about Empty Bowls and “Dueling Bowl Turners”

April 6

Jacob Pike and Ron Zdroik – using reactive paints to enhance a turned vessel

May 4    
June 1    
July 6    
August 3    
September 14    
October 5    
November 2    
December 7 Annual Christmas Party and Gift Exchange Ornament


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