Upcoming Events

Note: The topics and demonstrators listed below are subject to change. Check back often for the latest information.

2019 Date

December 7 – Clean-up day in the Woodcraft Club Area (basement)

2020 Dates

(Note – we have demos lined up for 2020 that we have not yet scheduled – the scheduling will fall into place early in the year.)

Month Date Demo / Event Challenge
January 6

An attorney to talk about disposal of assets, etc. at end of life.

Dennis Motl – Creating a collaborative, high impact, multi-axis, multi-media, recombobulated vessel

February 3 Turning Hats (More info coming)  
February 21-23 Woodworking Show in Milwaukee
Milwaukee County Sports Complex
6000 Ryan Rd, Franklin, WI
March 2 Colleen Volland to talk about Empty Bowls and “Dueling Bowl Turners”  
April 6 Jacob Pike and Ron Zdroik – using reactive paints to enhance a turned vessel  
May 4    
June 1    
July 6    
August 3    
September 14    
October 5    
November 2    
December 7 Annual Christmas Party and Gift Exchange Ornament


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