Woodcraft Basement Issues

It’s funny, or maybe not so funny that I had begun to write this post before the flooding issues that occurred in the Woodcraft basement last week (probably a couple weeks by the time you read this).

Rikon Lathes (Rust Prevention)

Recently a club member was trying to demonstrate to a small group with one of the Rikon lathes and could not eject the live center from the tail stock. At the last workshop I had time to investigate the problem and found that the live center was rusted into the quill of the tailstock. I cleaned it up with sand paper and gave it a coat of light oil. I did the same for the tailstock quill.

When I checked the other Rikon lathe, I found it was beginning to develop the same condition. I cleaned it up as well and oiled it and the tailstock quill. I then placed both live centers into the plastic boxes in the “Red” metal cabinet.

I checked the Jet lathe, but there was no live center in the tailstock so there was no problem with it.

In the future, when these lathes are used, please make sure the live centers are removed from the tailstocks after use. If the “red” metal cabinet is locked, put them in the red tool cabinet that sits behind the powermatic lathe. If the metal cabinet is unlocked, place them in the plastic boxes. Also, if there is a bottle of light oil in the cabinet, oil the morse taper of the live center.

Missing Items

If you have any idea where any of the following items are please bring it back or advise a board member:

  • live center for the Powermatic lathe (we have replaced this but it would be nice to get the original one back).
  • Vari-grind attachment for the club’s sharpening system






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