Welcome New Members

Welcome all the new members! This post reviews what to expect as a member of the Milwaukee Area Woodturners.


Every month, within a week or so of the meeting, we automatically email links to one or more posts on the MAWT web site. There will always be a letter from the president, usually with a link to pictures relating to the meeting and a few selected photos at the bottom of the post. Other posts may be timed to be included in that same email. These posts may be supplemental information related to the demo at the previous meeting, an AAW topic, an organizational topic or something else related to the MAWT or woodturning.


Almost all emails are sent through Mailchimp. This allows us to automate the sending of said emails and schedule them for delivery. As noted in the previous topic, emails are sent automatically whenever a post is made on the website. We also create emails for the monthly meeting announcement. If we have a special event you can expect a flurry of emails relating to that event. Occasionally, we will send an email about wood availability from a tree that has been cut down in the area, or some event that is occurring short term. We tend to repost Milwaukee Empty Bowls’ emails. You can expect from two to five emails a month from us, unless we are nearing a special event.

If you want to send an email to the membership for any reason, send it to admin@mawturners.com and we can forward it to our mail list. For most email content we are happy to do this for our members.

If you want to unsubscribe from the list, there is a link to do so on each email. Just remember that emails are our main form of communication at MAWT.

To change your email send an email to admin@mawturners.com


Please explore our website and make use of its resources.

You should have received an email that provided a user id for the “Members Only” area of our website. You can sign in by scrolling to the bottom of any page and clicking on the “Log In” link. You can use the “lost password” link on the log in page to set up the password of your choice.

The Members Only page is under the Club tab at the top menu. Under the Members Only portion of the website you can find a list of the current membership, the minutes to a few of our Board Meetings, a copy of our Bylaws and other resources.

We welcome feedback on our website. Please send any suggestions to admin@mawturners.com

Member Pages/Galleries

Under the Members Only portion of our website is a section with pages for many of our members. When you go into a member’s page, there may be some information about them, and/or a gallery of photos of items that they have brought into a meeting. If you want to provide a photo for that page you are welcome to do so. Or, if you have a photo of an item you would like to display on your page, we can do that as well. Send your photos to admin@mawturners.com and provide some information about the item.

Not every member has a page on the website – only those who have previously been a featured member on the former website, or those who have been identified when bringing in an item to display in the gallery. Our goal is to have page for each active member.







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