Website changes

For some time, I have been considering making some changes to the website. The changes are to:

  1. Make the website easier to read and easier to navigate on a cell phone or tablet
  2. Improve the Upcoming Events page
  3. Streamline maintenance and upkeep of the page

The goal is to retain all the information and most of the functionality. Most of this will be accomplished by changing the “theme” that we use for the website. The theme is what sets the color scheme and maintains a constant appearance from one page to the next.

In addition to the appearance changes we will be taking a close look at much of the verbage on the pages – condensing and removing redunancy between pages. We may be able to eliminate a few of the pages in the process.

I plan to make these changes later this month (December 2021), between Christmas and the New Year. I expect them to go fairly well, but one never knows exactly what will happen when I switch over to the new theme. Some things may break when the new theme is turned on and those will need to be fixed.

You can help! Any suggestions are welcome! If you are willing to help maintain the website please contact me and we will get you set up with the correct permissions. Simply reviewing the page(s) for functionality and readability is helpful. If you see any need for improvement or change, simply contact me with your suggestions and observations.







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