Walnut Wood Available

From Bob Dicky, through Kevin Seigworth:

“Kevin, I got a call today from a friend who is the owner of Vittles and Vine in Genesee Depot. She said a neighbor is having 3 large black walnut trees taken down, and while they will be keeping the trunk, they are wondering if anyone has interest in some of the rest. I don’t work with green wood but suspect some of the turners might be interested.

If you have a way of getting the word out, the trees are coming down over the next couple of days. If someone was interested, they can call my contact, Christina, at Vittles and Vine…..(262) 968-9463″

“Here’s a pic of the trees. They are taking down 3. You can maybe see the second one back which has been topped. So anything above what remains they are not keeping. Looks like some pretty good sized limbs.”

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