Tuition Grant

I am making a separate post for this topic to bring attention to it.

In the past this has been referred to as a Scholarship or a Scholarship Grant  – going forward it will be referred to as as the MAWT Tuition Grant. We officially announced this grant at the October 2022 meeting. The purpose of the grant is to encourage a member of MAWT to enhance their skills by attending a professional level class related to woodturning. The expectation is that member would share what they learn with the club through a demonstration and mentoring other members.

We had hoped to make an announcement at the Holiday Party about the award of the Tuition Grant for 2023. Due to a couple circumstances we were not able to do so. If you wish to be considered for the Tuition Grant for 2023, please apply soon. Please use the updated application form here at this link. Copy and paste the questions and your answers into an email and send it to






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