September Meeting Review

Ornament Demo

For our September meeting, Dave Hiller from Monticello, WI demonstrated turning ornaments with wooden bodies and finials. Thanks Dave for an excellent demonstration. A selection of pictures from the meeting are shown below. For additional pictures, see the Photo Gallery Page. (NOTE: If you turned in an “Empty Bowl,” that will be shown in a later photo gallery.)

2018 September Meeting

Gallery Photos are also available from Tom Hipsak on the Photo Gallery Page.

Turn For Troops

Before the meeting began last Monday, we had 686 completed pens for Turn For Troops. Dave Drickhamer reports that by the end of the meeting, there were 775 completed pens turned in. That is only 225 pens from our 2019 goal of 1000 pens.

Please bring any uncompleted pen kits to the October meeting so Dave will have them available for the Woodcraft Turn For Troops event that will be held on November 2 and 3.

Wood Raffle

Tony Rozendaal stressed the need to continue to participate in the Wood Raffle at each meeting. While the club’s finances are in good condition, your continued support of the treasury allows us to improve our presentation equipment (such as the recent television purchases) and obtain quality demonstrators (such as Dave Hiller).

MAWT Board

The board will be going through some changes this winter as Tony Rozendaal and Carl Brust will come to the end of their terms. Dave Drickhamer has also served for a number of years. We have a qualified individual willing to come on a President for two years, but we need one or two additional board members. If you are willing to step into that role, it would be appreciated.

Carl Brust is also acting as Vice President as well as treasurer. He is willing to continue as Treasurer, but we need someone who is a AAW member that is willing to serve as VP. To be a AAW chapter, the club officers need to be AAW members.

Tony Rozendaal will continue to serve as Webmaster, and will continue to assist with scheduling demonstrators.

In Other News…

George W. has provided an updated membership listing. You can access this if you are signed on to the website. Please use this only for club purposes.

Reminder – if you attend more than one meeting of the MAWT, we ask that you become a member. This is for the protection of the membership of the club, and is for insurance purposes. Memberships that begin after October 1, are carried through to the end of the following year at no extra charge. Your receipt of the emails from the club is not proof of membership – you must pay your dues to be a registered member.







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