September 2022 Newsletter

Hello Everyone;

I am very late getting the Newsletter completed this month. Between the late meeting we held (9/12) and health issues here in my family time has slipped away.

If you missed the demo last Monday night by Jim Andresen, It is now up on video. Jim did a nice job explaining and demoing how he makes his segmented spheres. I encourage you to watch this if you were not able to attend the meeting in person. There are techniques shown that will benefit you even if you do not do segmenting or make spheres.

  • Empty Bowls need to be turned in no later than the next meeting, October 3. They will be turned over to Empty Bowls the next day.
  • Turn For Troops – I’m not sure of any deadline but typically pens need to be turned in at the November meeting to “count” for the current year. I have been told that Woodcraft has kits for TFT, just ask at the check-out counter.
  • Beads of Courage boxes/bowls can be turned in at any time. Please see the Beads of Courage page for rules applying to these containers.

If you find value in your membership in the Milwaukee Area Woodturners, please consider serving on the board. We need three or four Board Members for next year. You will need to be available for a board meeting once a month – currently, these are held on Thursday evenings before the Monday club meeting at 5:30 PM over Zoom. If that time doesn’t fit your schedule another time which works for everyone can be negotiated. In addition to the Board meetings, you may be asked to help out at events such as the Woodworkers Show.

The next meeting is scheduled for October 3. Yours truly hopes to demo some natural edge techniques.

Have a great rest of the month!!

Tony Rozendaal










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