Resources For Vacuum Chucking

I decided to make a separate post on the resources for vacuum chucking.


Vacuum Pumps

Bob Leonard’s web site – Frugal Vacuum Chucks

One example of an inexpensive HVAC type pump – this pump will generate an oil mist.

A vacuum generator that runs off compressed air – not discussed at the meeting (available from Woodcraft).

Vacuum Adapters

Vacuum Adapter – JT Turning Tools, LLC

Holdfast Vacuum adapter available through Woodcraft. This adapter has a rod that passes through the headstock, but it turns at the same speed as the headstock.

Vacuum Chucks / Vacuum Cups

Goop glue is one example of a heavy non-hardening adhesive to bond a PVC fitting to the wood backing plate.

1-1/4 x 8 tpi nuts to make your own faceplate. 1 x 8 tpi nuts can be found at hardware stores or Farm & Fleet type stores

Example of a complete vacuum cup that screws on spindle – available from Woodcraft

Oneway makes a line of “drum chucks” with matching gaskets (scroll down the page) for vacuum chucking

Vacuum Gasket Materials

NOTE: in general terms, for sealing, thinner is better than thicker. Thicker materials like mouse pads and the thicker router non-slip pas, can allow the bowl to move on the chuck. However, thicker materials are useful for using the cup chuck to hold the workpiece after it has warped as a result of the drying process.

Craft Foam (Used as vacuum chuck gaskets and donut chuck padding) – Many places, including local crafts store, Walmart and others. Some comes with a sticky side (peel-off) which can be handy for applying to chucks.

Router non-slip pad (as demonstrated) – don’t get the perforated mesh type – I’m not sure the solid type is still available.

Rubber Chucky makes premoulded seals to fit PVC pipe couplers

Mouse pads

Exercise Mat – I believe this what Bob demoed the other night. I picked up a roll of this in Walmart yesterday for just under $8. This is 3 MM thick (~1/8 inch) which is about optimum for thickness.


Live center and tailstock Adapters

These are used to center the workpiece on the vacuum chuck by leaving it in the chuck, unthreading the chuck off the spindle, and then inserting the adapter in the tailstock. Then, the workpiece can be brought up to the vacuum chuck and it will be perfectly centered.

Oneway live center adapter adapts Oneway, Robust and other live centers with 3/4-10 thread to various chucks

Nova tailstock adapter – that stubby end is actually a Morse Taper #2

Holdfast tailstock adapter – also available in 1 x 8tpi – available through Woodcraft







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