Questionnaire/Survey Results

Back in September 2023 our club sent a survey to its membership. There was only one email sent out to request participation and we had 44 people respond to the survey. That is an incredibly good response rate. Thank you to everyone who provided your thoughts about the club through your response to this survey,

As we said when we sent the survey it was a real hodge-podge of questions that ranged from suggestions for future demonstrators/demonstrations to specific woodturning questions to chapter membership questions.

Your responses are being carefully considered as the board makes plans and lined up demonstrators for 2024. Some of the survey questions were put forward at the request of the team that did the November demo earlier this week. The same team is preparing to do another presentation later this year and some of the questions relate to that.

There were a few questions asked to get a feel for how the members feel about the Milwaukee Area Woodturners being an AAW chapter. The response was not overwhelming in any direction, but slightly more that half of our respondents indicated they think that MAWT should continue to be an AAW chapter. For the foreseeable future that will be our plan.

The board’s intention is to be transparent with this and all board business. To that end, if you are interested in seeing the raw results of the survey, let me know and I will share them with you. I will remove the names of those who provided them with their responses, just to respect their privacy.

(signed) Tony Rozendaal







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