Pear and Hickory Available – Free

I have a limited amount of pear wood and hickory wood that I cut this summer. I have one log of pear left that is about 9 inches in diameter and 16 inches long. If you have never turned pear, it is an interesting wood. It has very little grain strength, but turns well and holds details well. This log would have about 4 nice sized smallish bowls in it. I would be happy to slice it in two with the chainsaw.

I also have some hickory. This is not shagbark hickory. It was a lovely little tree that simply did not leaf out in 2019. It has nice grain in it. I have a crotch which has been sliced in two and one log roughly 9 diameter by 16 long.

The wood is free for the asking, you just need to be flexible so far as meeting up or coming to my place to collect it.

To  contact Tony Rozendaal reply to the email that had the link to this posting.

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