October Meeting Review


Jason Swanson demonstrated hand chasing threads and turned a small lidded box (with a threaded lid) from arbor vitae. The box will be raffled off at the Potluck and Party in December. The demo was video recorded and will be available through the library. Thanks to Jason for an excellent demo!

2019 Membership

Tony Rozendaal and George Warzyniak mentioned that we are accepting dues for 2019 memberships. MAWT runs membership from January 1 through December 31. Paying your dues after October 1 gives you membership privileges through December 31 of the following year. You can pay those dues online, through Paypal here. An administration fee is added to the $35 to offset the Paypal charge.


Also looking forward to 2019, the board needs 1 or 2 people to fill our ranks. Please speak to Tony Rozendaal if you are willing to serve on the board. Duties are minimal. There will be a vote of confidence for the 2019 board members and officers at the December Potluck and Party.

Turn For Troops

Dave Drickhamer invited any club member(s) that can to provide assistance with the Woodcraft Turn For Troops Event on November 2 and 3. This is a Friday and Saturday. If you have received pen kits from Dave for TFT and have not completed them, please do so. Also – if you received pen kits from Dave, please turn those completed pens back into Dave as opposed to dropping them off at the Woodcraft check out.

Beads of Courage

IMPORTANT: Beads of Courage boxes should be marked with “Beads of Courage.” Beads are available from Tony Rozendaal that can be inserted into the box in some manner. Other ways to do this is to use pyrography or carving to put the words onto the turning. This is a request from the Beads of Courage organization.

I also highly encourage  you to sign your box or to enclose a card or note in the box with your name and a contact method on it.

The only other requirement is that no strong smell of finish remains when the box is turned in.


NOTE: For all the pictures go to the Photo Gallery Page.

NOTE: If I did not give you credit for a piece, please let me know and I will be happy to add your name.

A sampling of pics from the gallery, taken by Tom Hipsak.

2018 October Gallery Pictures

Gallery Items from October 2018 Meeting

A sampling of pics from the demonstration and the meeting, taken by Dave Drickhamer.

2018 October Meeting

For all the pictures, see the Photo Gallery Page.



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