October 2023 Newsletter

Our meeting date came early this month – on October 2! Coupled with the late date last month due to the Labor Day holiday – the two meetings came close together. The club was active this past month, however, with two events occurring between the two meetings.

First, on September 23 we had a Workshop day with a focus on bowl turning. Tom Hipsak was present with his camera and took pictures: 

2023 September Workshop

Next, on September 30 we had an event where we cut bowl blacks for next year’s Empty Bowls. We had a number of club members (about 10) come and milled bowls from hickory, walnut, cherry and oak. At the end of the day we had made about 150 bowl blanks plus many, many spindle blanks. We have passed out a number of these but have plenty left. Contact me to make arrangements to get yours. There is no worry about running out of bowls as we have three logs left to cut up. Tom was at this event with his camera as well:

2023 September Empty Bowl Blank Making

Finally – we had another great meeting on October 2. Jon Behnke showed us how to create a perfect sphere using nothing except a jamb chuck and a parting tool line around the sphere blank. Thanks for an excellant demo, Jon!

We had plenty of time for fellowship, for shopping, for a wood raffle and of course an Instant Gallery. Once again, Tom Hipsak brought his trusty camera to bear on the subjects at hand:

2023 October Meeting

Later in October we plan to have a workshop day on the 21st. The theme is spindle turning. Watch for an email on this event.

For our November meeting we will have a group of members who take us through the process of finding and preparing wood “Before Turning on the Lathe.” 

Also in November, we are supporting Woodcraft’s “Turn for Troops” as our workshop day. This will occur the first weekend of October upstairs in the Woodcraft store.








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