November Meeting Review

The November Meeting was held in the usual location at the usual time on November 5, 2018.

Kevin Seigworth reviewed a number of different types of finishes. Thank you Kevin for a great demonstration. Your insight into a complex topic for which there are many opinions and solutions is very helpful. The slides that Kevin used for his presentation are available – click here.

Tony Rozendaal had more than the usual number of announcements.

  • next month (December 3) is our annual Holiday party and gift exchange.
    • The club provides the meat, buns and drinks. The remainder of the meal is pot luck. Salads, chips and dips, appetizers, and desserts are always a big hit.
    • Participation in the gift exchange is optional. The gift may be, but does not need to be, Holiday themed. It can be gift wrapped or placed in a small paper bag. When you arrive at the meeting you will receive a ticket that validates that you brought a gift to exchange. The tickets will be used to determine the order of gift selection.
  • Ron Zdroik has agreed to come on the board and serve as President for two years.
  • The board is seeking two nominees for the 2019-2021 term. If you wish to self-nominate or nominate someone else (with their agreement) contact Tony Rozendaal.
  • If you have an topic or item you would like to demonstrate, contact Tony. See the separate post on this issue.
  • Tony Rozendaal also requested any suggestions for paid demonstrations for 2019.
  • The MAWT board approved a change to the bylaws. See a separate post on this issue.
  • See a separate post for current announcements about AAW.

Selected images from the meeting are shown below. For all the pics from the meeting see the Photo Gallery Page.

2018 November – Gallery Pics







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