November 2023 Newsletter

November Meeting: We had a great turnout for our November meeting – between those present at the Woodcraft meeting room and the online participants we had almost 60 people in attendance. 

Terry Alby, Kevin Seigworth, Ron Zdroik and Steve Fosticz made a very enjoyable and informative presentation. From finding wood, to cutting it up and preparing (and repairing) it for mounting on the lathe, we had a good review of preparing raw material to create a functional and beautiful item. I know I will be using at least a couple of the techniques presented. These same four guys will be making a second presentation later this year. I am looking forward to that!!

Pen Turning: Greg Richter wants you all to know that:

  • Turn for Troops was a great success and we had a good weekend crowd. Some of those who stopped in have become MAWT members! Welcome!
  • Year to date there have been 1067 pens turned  for TfT! Many of those were turned by MAWT members. Thank You everyone!
  • Registration is now open for the Midwest Penturners Gathering April 19 and 20, 2024. Go to
  • The next Pen Club meeting will be Sunday Jan 7, 2024 at noon Woodcraft New Berlin

Alan Lacer Event: We are now taking registrations for the Alan Lacer Event to be held April 20, 21, and 22, 2024. Full details and payment and registration forms can be found at the Alan Lacer Event Page.

Tuition Grant 2024: MAWT member, have you ever considered taking a training course to further your woodturning skills or creativity? MAWT may be able to help you. For full details click here (you need to be a member and sign onto the website). If signing onto the web site proves too difficult, reply to the newsletter email and I will send you the information.

Board Members for 2024: Something I should have mentioned at the meeting but forgot is the need for Board Members. Suzy Hoffman has served a full term and is leaving the board at the end of 2023 (Thank you Suzy!!). Members, please consider serving on the board. The only requirement is that you have an interest in seeing that MAWT continues to operate, and hopefully improve. As I have stated before 2024 will be my last year as President of the club. It would be great to have someone step up to serve as Vice President and to be mentored into the President role for the next few years.

Empty Bowl Blanks: I still have approximately 150 blanks that we milled for the 2024 Empty Bowls event. If you would like some of these to turn, contact me (Tony Rozendaal) and I will make arrangements to get them to you. They are a mix of cherry, white oak, black walnut and perhaps some hickory. I still have more logs to mill, if needed.

(signed) Tony Rozendaal








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