Newsletter for September 2021

Hi fellow MAWT member,

Of all of the remote demonstrators we have watched, Harvey Meyer has to be the best. He is an excellent turner, a great presenter and a skilled videographer. Almost 50 members watched an informative demonstration on turning a simple yet elegant vessel. Even if you never turn his tulip vessel, you were able to get a lot of tips and information for any turning project.

I would like to thank Eric Meigs and Mike Figueira for their service on the MAWT Board of Directors. Eric and Mike joined the Board when the Wisconsin Woodturners club merged with MAWT and they have been very helpful with that transition and also with the adversity we all dealt with in the past year and a half. Thanks guys.

So, that now leave some vacancies to fill and the club needs volunteers. This is not as horrible as it sounds – being a Board member is easy, takes up little time and allows you to participate directly with your club. Remember that the reason the club is so great is because of the members who get involved and help steer the club to be better.

Also, my presidency will be ending at the end of this year. Actually it was supposed to end last year but the position was not filled, so I stayed on. If you want to be a bit more involved in the club and write these great newsletter every month, contact me at   – hey, you even get your own email address!

I am pleased to announce that I dropped off 39 bowls for Empty Bowls at Cream City Clay. Then add another 33 that were delivered earlier for a total of 72 bowls! Special thanks to Steve Fosticz for his extraordinary turning of dozens of bowls and also to Tony Rozendaal. Thanks to everyone, from members who donated wood to members who turned bowls. Our club is proud to be an active sponsor to this special project which we has participated in for many years.

Our club is also turning lots of pens for Turn for Troops. The latest count is over 700. Thanks to Dave Drickhamer and Carl Brust for their yearly effort in this program. I just dropped off 20 pens at Woodcraft – have you dropped yours off yet? You still have time – drop them off at Woodcraft or bring them to the Oct. or Nov. meetings. You can contact Dave ( or Carl ( if you need pen kits and want info on the Woodcraft TFT turning event.

Here’s looking forward to a pleasant and healthy autumn. We have some nice member demos scheduled and are still planning our annual December Christmas party (more info on that later).

Keep turning,
Ron Zdroik

President – Milwaukee Area Woodturners







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