Newsletter for September 2019 Meeting

From the Prez…

– Beads of Courage Presentation and Demonstration
– Great Wood Raffle
– November Demonstration by Rob Nelson
– Volunteers for Holiday Folk Fair
– Turn for Troops Update
– Pen Turning Events

Hi Fellow MAWT members,

We had a great meeting this past Monday evening featuring Kim Mayer from Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and then followed by two member demonstrators. Kim did a presentation for the Beads of Courage program and how it helps kids suffering from cancer and other illnesses cope with all of the procedures during their treatment. Following Kim, Mark Trenier and yours truly demonstrated how easy turning a lidded bowl for Bead of Courage can be. MAWT has registered with Beads of Courage to provide bowls for Children’s Hospital and it would be great for our club to help the kids by providing as many bowls as possible. Your bowl donation can be simple or as detailed and artistic as you wish.

We also had a great wood raffle with lots of nice wood blanks and we raised $140 (Thank you Barb Nelson). Remember that, aside from membership dues, the wood raffle is our next largest source of income. It allows the club to bring in guest demonstrators and purchase new equipment and tools.

During the meeting, I announced two events in which we need volunteers. First is our large November demo event with Rob Nelson. This is a two day event (Nov. 2 and 3) and we need the assistance of members to help pick up the food, snacks, drinks, ice, etc. (MAWT prepays for these items or will reimburse you promptly). There is also ticket sales, cleanup at the end of each day and someone to host Rob Nelson for the weekend (the host will have a free Hands-on class on Sunday). These projects and errands take little time and the club need its members to help out and make this event a success. We can’t always rely on the same few people to provide these services. Please contact me or any other Board member by the October meeting (Oct. 7) to help out.

Board Members:
Ron Zdroik, Tony Rozendall, Curt VanWeelden, Steve Fosticz, Mark Trenier, Ken Thrun, Eric Meigs, Mike Figueira

Second: In the past, the Wisconsin Woodturners club has hosted a booth at the Holiday Folk Fair (Nov. 22 – 24). MAWT would like to continue that tradition but we need a coordinator and volunteers to be in the booth. Members can demonstrate their skills on the lathe and sell their turnings. There is probably a time constraint on the booth since the Folk Fair can’t hold the space until the last minute. Contact me ASAP to let me know if you wish to coordinate or volunteer for this event.

Dave Drickhamer announced the club now have about 520 Turn for Troops pens – KEEP TURNING! – We are aiming for 1,000+.

And speaking of pens – I have very recent news of two pen turning events: First, we have the Turn for Troops event at Woodcraft on November 9th. Please contact the good folks at Woodcraft about this.

Second, I got an email and then a call Monday night from the AAW looking for 2 to 4 volunteers from MAWT for a pen turning event at Rockler, also on Saturday, November 9th. They need members who are experienced in pen turning to help demonstrate and assist people to turn pens (consider the participants as newbies). There are 4 classes, starting at 9:30am through 3:30pm, and you can help with two or more classes. Rockler supplies all of the materials, you just need to provide your expertise. Proceeds go to the National Veterans Foundation. I need to reply to the AAW before this Friday, Sept. 13th, so any members who are interested should let me know quickly.

Although the club has long history with the Woodcraft event, these are both worthwhile programs and members can decide which one they wish to participate in.

Thanks in advance to everyone who plans to help out with the many opportunities MAWT provides to our local community.

Keep turning and be safe,

Ron Zdroik
Milwaukee Area Woodturners, President

“A happy life is in direct proportion to the amount of wood shavings you make.”  

(NOTE: Pictures from the gallery will be posted at a later date.)







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