Newsletter for November 2020

MAWT President’s letter
Hi fellow members,
For our November meeting demonstration, club member Mark Trenier did a great demo on how to make a hand mirror. His presentation along with his handout instructions shows members how easy it is to turn a mirror in very little time. But in the real world, problems occur yet Mark was able to fix them and had a finished mirror by the end of the meeting. Great job!
Some updates:
Audio/Video:  The club is in the process of updating all of our audio/video equipment. This will greatly help improve our Zoom presentations and will allow us to do In-person and Zoom meetings at the same time.
Beads of Courage vessels:  If members are wishing to make a Beads of Courage vessel, please email me at .  I can mail you BoC beads and name/note cards. The Beads of Courage program is an important community project MAWT does for the kids at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Completed vessels can be dropped off at Woodcraft (there are boxes at the door to the meeting area).
Dues:  MAWT has worked very hard to keep informative, high quality demonstrations and programs going throughout 2020 and we want to continue this into next year but need your membership to accomplish that. Please remember to pay your dues ($35 individual/$50 family) by PayPal through our website or by check – mail to George Warwzyniak, 7859 W. Canterbury Ct., Franklin, WI 53132.
December Show and Tell: Please sign up to do a virtual Show and Tell of your Christmas and Holiday-related gifts. We will do this during the December meeting on Dec. 7th. Just pre-register before November 30th – email me at .
If you don’t have video capabilities, send photos of your work to Tom Hipsak at and he will be able to make a PowerPoint presentation to show during the meeting.
Stay safe and keep turning,
Ron Zdroik







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