Newsletter for May 2021

Hi fellow MAWT members,

It’s Wisconsin and spring is in the air – one day it’s 80 and the next, in the 40s! Whatever the temperature, I hope everyone is enjoying the flowers and leafing trees.

Our May meeting featured our Show and Tell Gallery, courtesy of Tom Hipsak, a website tutorial by Tony Rozendaal (which by the way is an invaluable resource for members – be sure to check it out) and a PowerPoint presentation by Jerry Anson, describing his spectacular Beads of Courage box. He demonstrated two versions, one low-tech (bandsaw and spindle sander), the other high-tech (CNC machine)…and he makes both look so simple!

The club’s photography table in the meeting area had a makeover so now it is super easy to photo your turnings. Carl Brust and myself made some changes – the table is smaller and more mobile, and enhanced lighting will be added shortly.

If any member is knowledgeable about electric motors and speed controls, the club’s Rikon midi-lathe can use your help. The speed control broke and new electronics are not available at this time (maybe never!?). Is it possible to retrofit a speed control that works with the existing AC motor? If you know the answer, shoot me an email at

MAWT will start in-person meetings with the July demonstration. We will also continue to simultaneously broadcast by Zoom. It will be great to finally to get back together. Note that the club will be following any CDC guidelines regarding these meetings.

Upcoming events:
– June – a demonstration by national presenter Dennis Belcher
– July –the first in-person meeting with two fellow members doing demos
– Later…a possible wood dye demo and a Beads of Courage vessel demo/presentation
– And as always….submit photos of your work to the Show and Tell Gallery.

If you would like to help out filling in the blank demonstration openings, please contact me or Tony Rozendaal (

Enjoy spring and keep turning,
Ron Zdroik







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