Newsletter for May 2019 Meeting

To all members:

Thanks to Jim Andresen for a great demonstration! With almost what seemed to be half of his work shop in the meeting area, he showed everyone how to cut segments using three different methods, numerous ways to glue and clamp, assemble everything, turn segmented discs only using a parting tool and scraper, and finally end with an almost complete vessel. All of this in about 2 hours and without any medication!  – Amazing!!!   Thanks again Jim.

We are progressing very nicely on our Empty Bowls program – 51 bowls so far…and pens for Turn for Troops is over 160. Thank you everyone who has donated bowls and pens – Keep turning! I am not even a pen-turner but I picked up a pack of 20 pen kits. There has to be thousands of pen blanks of various woods in plastic containers. Everything is free, so pick up some kits.

Here’s some information I mentioned at last night’s meeting:

1) July 1st demonstration by Lyndal Anthony focusing on the use of lathe tools, called Angles and Bevels. This event will be held during our regular Monday night meeting starting at 6:30pm. Should be an informative demo for beginners and seasoned turners alike.

2) August 5th demonstration by Greg Gallego – turning one of his specialties, Podlets – a cross between a goblet, a thin-walled vessel and a flower…and yes, it looks as cool and interesting as its description. This event will be held during our regular Monday night meeting starting at 6:30pm.

3) November 2nd and 3rd demonstration by Rob Nelson focusing on hollow turning – this is a two day event with an all-day Saturday demo for members and guests, and then a Sunday hands-on class. More information coming.

Our club is very fortunate to have so many great demonstrations occurring in 2019. It is all part of MAWT’s mission to promote the knowledge and artistry of woodturning. A special thanks to Tony Rozendaal for coordinating these demos.

4) Cream City Clay, a pottery studio in West Allis is holding a Gallery opening on May 17 and 18. The owner Colleen Vollard did a presentation about Empty Bowls back in March. She would like some wood turnings for the event, so if you are interested, contact Colleen or Liz at 414-249-5902 (or to arrange dropping off items this Thursday evening (May 9th).

5) Tom Hipsak talked about the importance of woodturning magazines. Be sure to check out what’s available in the club’s Library, which by the way is growing with new videos. John and Art have been looking for new material to help keep our Library up to date.

6) Forgot to mention that the club will also have a presentation on September 9th by Kim Mayer of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for the Beads of Courage program followed by a demonstration on turning a lidded bowl. (Note that Sept. 9th is the second Monday due to Labor Day weekend).

Keep turning,

Ron Zdroik

(Admin Note: We will create another post (and another email) when any pictures are submitted for the meeting.)







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