Newsletter for June 2019 Meeting

Hi fellow MAWT members,

Our June 3rd meeting featured Tony Rozendaal demonstrating numerous buffing techniques from pens to bowls. He made it look so easy and fortunately for members sitting in the front row, without a single item flying across the room. Once you master these techniques, your turnings will be as shiny and smooth as Tony’s.

We have three special demonstrations coming up:

  • Monday, July 1st – BEVELS and ANGLES – a demonstration by Lyndal Anthony showing how to use tools. This should be very informative for all turners, especially beginners and even for the more experienced turner. It never hurts to learn more.
  • Monday, August 5th – PODLETS – a demonstration by Greg Gallego showing how he turns his podlets – a cross between a flower and a goblet – these look really cool! It is great way to learn turning end-grain wood. Hey, he asked for a microwave oven – that is something not typical for most turners.
  • Saturday and Sunday, November 2nd and 3rd – HOLLOW FORM TURNING – a 2 day demonstration by Rob Nelson. First is the all-day Saturday demonstration (lunch included) followed by a Hands-on class on Sunday.

There will be more information all of these demonstrations prior to their scheduled dates. The Milwaukee Area Woodturners mission statement stresses the education of turning wood and the MAWT Board strives to bring you great demonstrations, whether that be fellow members or guests (a special thanks to our demo coordinator Tony Rozendaal). We hope you attend these meetings and learn new ways to expand and hone your turning skills.

Another special thanks to Jim Andresen for the abundance of wood at the recent raffle.

Finally, please continue to bring in pens for Turn for Troops (we are hoping for over 1,000 pens!). The pen kits and wood blanks are all free – all it takes is a little time. Also, brings in bowls for the Empty Bowls project (we are up to 63 so far!).

Keep turning and stay safe,

Ron Zdroik

President MAWT

Here are a few pictures of the gallery at the June meeting. See the complete list at the Photo Gallery page.

2019 June Gallery

There is a short sheet with some references for suppliers and information on buffing. Click here.







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