Newsletter for January 2022

The January meeting was a combination in-person and Zoom meeting, with more people attending through Zoom than in person. Tony Rozendaal opened the meeting, and after some opening comments, George Wawrzyniak gave us a financial and membership update.

After the opening, Tom Hipsak gave a presentation on his Ringmaster, a lathe attachment that makes a bowl from a board by cutting a series of rings which can be stacked on upon the other. Tom also presented several shortcuts and tenchniques that he has discovered for making different products, such as bowls, pens and bottle stoppers.

Tom made up a nice hand-out for the meeting which you can find here.

We took a break about 45 minutes into the presentation and as we re-convened, took some time for the participants in our Instant Gallery to present their items.

The meeting video has been added to the video page with a note above the video giving beginning times for Tom’s presentation and the Instant Gallery (show-and-tell) presentation.

Remember – the February meeting will be on-line only. John Jordon, a well known wood turner, will be presenting.

Below are some cell phone pictures I captured prior to the meeting:

2022 January Meeting






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