Newsletter for February 2020

Hi all,

We had a great turnout for our February meeting and enjoyed an excellent presentation by Casey Gabrielson explaining his technique for turning wood hats, showing us his woodworking skills and also his thought process for creativity. It was great a see his artistic wood projects and the wood hats. It would be a challenging “Challenge”, but maybe one of our members could turn a hat!

Next month we get to enjoy the “MAWT Dueling Turners” again, helping to promote the club’s involvement in the Milwaukee Empty Bowls program. Please be sure to attend.

Some reminders:

1) Be sure to look for any stray DVDs or books floating around your shop or home as the library is missing quite a number of discs. Just return them when you come to the next meeting or leave them in the drop-box located at the bottom of the stairs.

2) If you haven’t already, please try to pay your membership dues soon. You can pay at the meetings with cash, check and now by credit card, and also through PayPal on our website.

3) We have the Woodworker’s Show coming later this month (February 21-23). We already have the 15 volunteers allotted by the organizers but members are still invited to help out in the booth at any time. If you are at the show, drop over and hang out for a while. We especially need help with the Wounded Warriors pen-turning booth.

Keep the wood shavings flying and see everyone in March.

Safe turning,
Ron Zdroik

There are a few cell phone pics of Casey’s hats and one of the wood raffle table on the Gallery page. I’m sorry that I did not get any pics of the instant gallery (show-and-tell) pieces. (Tony Rozendaal)







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