Newsletter for August 2019 Meeting

Hi fellow woodturners,

A special welcome to members of the Wisconsin Woodturners club who have now joined the Milwaukee Area Woodturners. Thanks for signing up and we all hope that together we can share our skills and expertise, and enjoy the friendship of fellow woodturners.

This past Monday we were treated to a great demonstration by Greg Gallegos, who turned his signature Podlets. I kept thinking that the stem was just waiting to break but the benefits of turning green wood is its flexibility…and the microwave oven made it even more interesting. I forgot to mention at the end of the meeting but the club tries to have a challenge every month. So, for anyone who is adventuresome, try turning one of Greg’s Podlets and bring it to the next Show and Tell.

Continued thanks to members who are bringing in pens for Turn for Troops and bowls for Empty Bowls. Keep turning and dropping off your items at the meetings.

For our September meeting (which is Sept. 9th due to Labor Day), we will have a special presentation by Kim Mayer from Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin talking about the Beads of Courage program. The AAW and Beads of Courage have been working together to provide turned lidded vessels that hold colorful beads as symbols of courage to commemorate milestones that children with serious illnesses have achieved along their treatment path. Kim’s presentation is followed by two members turning a vessel and its lid. MAWT has registered with the Bead of Courage organization as a donor of these vessels and I hope that our club can step up to support this program. All vessels will be donated to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

A reminder – we have Rob Nelson as a special demonstrator on November 2nd and 3rd focusing on hollow turning. There will be an all-day demo on Saturday and then a limited hands-on class for Sunday (lunch included on both days). Additional information about this event will be forthcoming.

Keep turning and stay safe,

Ron Zdroik

Milwaukee Area Woodturners


A sample of photos from the meeting and the are shown below – for all the photos from the meeting, see the Gallery page.


2019 August Meeting


2019 August Gallery







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