Newsletter for April 2021

Hi fellow MAWT members,

We started April with a presentation by Colleen Vollard, owner of Cream City Clay talking about Milwaukee Empty Bowls and the food pantries and other non-profits in the Milwaukee area that it supports. Here is link Colleen provided:

Actually though, we started with a lot of technical difficulties. As with anything electronic, things will go wrong and usually about 5 minutes before a Zoom meeting starts. Thankfully, we did get the meeting working again. We apologize for the problems but it is great that the 37 members who joined us stuck it out and stayed through all of the confusion to watch Mark Trenier turn a quick and simple bowl using his monster scraper. Thanks, Mark!

It would be great for our club to step up for another year of generously donating to Empty Bowls. We had a low response last year so let try to equal, or better yet, surpass the 90 bowls we donated in 2019!

The club is in need of member demonstrators. We are utilizing paid remote presenters but it would be great for fellow members to volunteer their expertise. We need to share our turning skills and even the best of us can always learn something new. Contact Tony Rozendaal ( or Ron Zdroik

Finally, remember to send in your recent turning projects along with a description to Tom Hipsak. We would like to do an extended Show and Tell Gallery. There must new items everyone has worked on this past winter. Tom’s email is

Stay safe and keep turning,
Ron Zdroik







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