May 2022 Newsletter

Hi Everyone;

It’s May! It’s hard to believe that we are more than one third of our way through 2022. After a cold and wet April, I’m ready for some May flowers – how about you?

If you weren’t able to participate in the meeting last Monday night you missed a terrific demonstration. Curt Van Weelden gave us an excellent and very condensed version of how to build and assemble a Windsor chair. We did record Curt’s demonstration. The video is shown at the top of this page.

The Powerpoint presentation Curt prepared for his demo is available as well – click here.

Coming up in June, we will have a remote demonstration via Zoom by John Jordan who will show us how he makes his “signature” hollowed and carved vessels. We will be meeting in person as well as making the presentation available through Zoom.

Next, in July, Steve Fosticz will demonstrate how he makes “Empty Bowls.” Steve made way more Empty Bowls than any of us last year, so he has the techniques nailed down. It’s not too early for you to be thinking about whether you will make any Empty Bowls for 2022. The due date for these will be in August.

A reminder, if you aren’t attending our meetings in person yet, but want to show off a woodturned item – send it to Tom Hipsak so it can be added to our gallery. Send the highest resolution picture that you can.

Have a great May, and we hope to see you in early June – “Keep Turning”

Tony Rozendaal









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