May 2018 Meeting Review

For the first time since January, we had an event that was not affected by the weather! Unless some members may have been mowing lawns or out on the golf course.

Mark Trenier demonstrated making birdhouse ornaments. It’s always a pleasure to have Mark demo – both for the good techniques that he shows us and for the entertaining style of presentation. Thanks Mark!

Here is a download of the handout that Mark prepared for the meeting.

Tony reviewed the Michael Gibson weekend – the club came out ahead financially from this weekend. Thank you to all who supported the paid demonstration on Saturday and the hands-on event on Sunday.

Check out the Turn for Troops page to see where we stand to the yearly goal.

Tony announced that we were missing some club related property – specifically the knock-out bar for the Powermatic lathe, a chuck kit for one of the Rikon lathes and at least one face shield. By the end of the meeting, the knock-out bar had been located and the chuck kit mysteriously appeared. Thanks to anyone who helped recover these items. We are still missing at least one face shield – the club purchased another for Michael Gibson to use while he was there.

For the show and tell items, a number of us mentioned the Michael Gibson hands-on, “Achieving Perfect Form.” Michael taught us to use the Fibonacci Sequence (also knows as the Golden Mean or the Golden Ratio) in our design. At the meeting, some candlesticks were displayed that had either been turned that weekend or had been completed subsequently, there were a couple Golden Ratio calipers that had been completed, and a couple pieces that had been designed with the use of the Golden Ratio. Thanks to all who brought in an item for Show and Tell.

The gallery below is of items brought in for show and tell and what Mark brought in for his turnings (photographer – Tom Hipsak). In addition to the items below, a number of pens were brought in for Turn for Troops and for show and tell. If your item is not pictured – it is not deliberate and we apologize.

Tom Hipsak pointed out that the gallery pictures could be larger. I have tweaked the settings on the web page to display a larger picture. So far, those settings do not appear to be retroactive to previously created galleries.

2018 May Meeting – Gallery Items

Additional pictures from the meeting should be forthcoming – when they are posted you can find them on the photo gallery page.







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