MAWT Website Access and Online Presence

With all the new members recently I want to remind everyone that there is restricted content on the website that is available when you sign in. Most notably, there is page of member profiles, some with photos, to help you identify your fellow club members.

There is also a current listing of members, a copy of the club bylaws and some other resources.

Each member who has registered with an email has username to sign in to the website – for almost everyone that username is your first initial and your last name. Example – If your name is Mary Jones, your username is MJones. If you have never signed in before, use the “lost password” link to establish your password. That will be sent to the email address that you registered with the club when you signed up.

The quickest way to sign in is to scroll to the bottom of any page of the website and click the login link.

The club also has a presence on Facebook and Instagram – click on the links which show up to the side or bottom of any page of the website to connect to those media. Please feel free to follow and contribute to our pages.

Finally, I encourage you to respond to the news postings. You must be logged in to the website to make a comment. Your comments are welcome, however, they are moderated before they are published to ensure they are family friendly and respectful of others.







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