March 2023 Newsletter

Wow!! What a great attendance for our March meeting – I counted about 55 persons in attendance and there were over 10 on the Zoom meeting. It was great to see everyone. Jim Stephan made a great presentation on using different sizes of the skew chisel to make a gnome. I expect to see lots of gnomes on the show-n-tell table for April.

Unfortunately, we had issues with both the still pictures of the instant gallery AND with the recording of Jim’s presentation. We did manage to record the 2cd half of the demonstration, but now we are having issues getting that posted to the website. Please be patient with us.

One of the things that created such a large attendance for our meeting was the Milwaukee Woodworking Show, held in February. I believe we are up to nine(!!) new members since we participated in that show. George’s last membership report includes over 100 members!

Thank you to everyone who participated in setting up and working at the Milwaukee Area Woodturners booth at the Woodworking show. We do have a few pictures of the MAWT booth and of the Tunnels to Towers penturning booth at which some of our members worked.

2023 Woodworking Show

The board has been talking about some things and arrived at the following decisions:

  • We will offer to pay the AAW dues for the officers of the club. The officer positions are the President, the Vice President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. For us to officially be a AAW chapter these four positions must be AAW members.
  • We are going to be looking into some professional management of the MAWT website – we may or may not make an expenditure in this area.
  • We will be offering one year of free MAWT membership to anyone who purchases a new lathe through Woodcraft. There are some limitations to this (does not apply to existing memberships), but if you are a new member since 10/1/2022 and purchased a new lathe through Woodcraft since that date, let us know and we may extend this to you.

Upcoming events:

  • April 3 – MAWT Meeting – this will be a remote demo by Rick Urban – for remote demos we meet at Woodcraft and play the demo on the TV monitors. You will also be able to view this demo from the comfort of your own home as we will be providing a link for you to do so. There will not be a wood raffle or show-n-tell as we have found these do not work well with remote demos.
  • April 21-22 – Midwest Pen Turners Gathering – register soon for the best rate. Emphasis is on Pen Turning but other small turning demos will be included this year.
  • May 1 – MAWT Meeting – demonstration TBA
  • May 14 – IAP Chapter Meeting at Woodcraft – Mark Dwyer presenting









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