March 2022 Newsletter

Hi Everyone!

It was great to see and visit with a number of you in person at the meeting this past Tuesday (March 7).ย  We’re beginning to see a few folks that we haven’t seen for quite a while!

Demonstration – If you were not able to attend the meeting, Ron Bukowy demonstrated therming. Therming is a turning technique where the workpiece is held in a jig that positions the center of the workpiece well away from the center of the lathe. This enables the turner to create convex or concave edges on the workpiece and also to create complex compound curves that would not be possible with the piece mounted directly to the lathe. A PDF of Ron’s Powerpoint file is uploaded to the website. Thank you, Ron, for an interesting and unusual demonstration!

Also, if anyone is interested, a Sketchup file of Ron’s therming jig is uploaded to the website.

Next month‘s meeting will be a remote demo by Jason Clark, who will demonstrate making his Saturn Bowl. We will have an in-person meeting at Woodcraft and display the demo on the monitors. Those who wish to join the Zoom meeting from the comfort of their own home also welcome. There will not be a wood raffle or a Instant Gallery (show-n-tell) at the April meeting. We hope to see you there!

Volunteers – we could still use some folks to help out with club activities. We have one or two board members who would galdly give up this responsibility, and who have served for well over the three year term specified in the club’s bylaws. Also, it would be nice to have someone who would be willing to manage the wood raffle at every meeting (when we have one). There is a one-time opportunity to mount an air hose reel near the air compressor. This is to simplify and speed up clean-up after a meeting.

Demonstrators – we have demonstrators scheduled through July of this year. We have a few more club members who have agreed to demonstrate but are not yet scheduled. Are you interested in demonstrating at a club meeting? Let me (Tony Rozendaal) know what your topic is and I be happy to get you scheduled and help you prepare. There are resources on the AAW website for inexperienced demonstrators.

Gallery Photos – if you haven’t been able to attend a meeting but are actively turning wood, share your work with us through photos. Send the highest resolution photo that you can to Tom Hipsak and it will be combines with the photos from the meeting into the gallery page on our website.

Missing Equipment – the large live center for the Powermatic lathe has gone missing. If you took it please return it. Please do not borrow teh club’s equipment unless you have first discussed the need to do so with a board member.









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