June Meeting Review

The Milwaukee Area Woodtuners club met on June 4, in the basement of Woodcraft of Milwaukee.

Dave Drickhamer announces that we are over half way to the goal of 1000 pens turned in for Turn For Troops!

The Topic for the evening was “Reverse Chucking Bowls” to finish turn the bottom. See links below and in the next post for resources.

The following methods were demoed by the following people:

  • Cole Jaws – demoed by Tony Rozendaal
  • Longworth Chuck – demoed by Mark Trenier
  • Donut chucks (doughnut chucks) – demoed by Jim Andresen
    • Scroll down this page for links to making donut chucks
  • Vacuum chucks – demoed by Tony Rozendaal and Bob Leonard
    • See next post for resource list

Selected picture from the meeting are shown below – more pictures are available in the photo gallery. 

2018 June Meeting







2 responses to “June Meeting Review”

  1. John Pehoski Avatar
    John Pehoski

    Is anybody interested in black walnut for turning? Check the post on Craigslist:

    1. maw-admin Avatar

      The link to this Craigslist posting appears to be to an expired Craigslist posting.

      This should be a working link. milwaukee.craigslist.org/grd/d/black-walnut-sections-for/6620538103.html

      If members will go to the Milwaukee area Farm and Garden listings in Craigslist and search on “Walnut” there are a number of listings which appear to be from the same seller.

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