June 2023 Newsletter

June Meeting

Thank you to Dennis Clayton for an in-depth coverage of photography at our club meeting in June. Dennis showed a number of different techniques, all aimed at recording your wood art with artistic photography. I’ll be trying some of his techniques with my photography.

Dennis’ presentation reminded me that photography is an art form in itself. For some of us, combing the artistry of wood turning with that of photography can serve to deepen the soul satisfaction of that part of our life.

Dennis provided a PDF copy of his slideshow. Click here to access that document. We hope to have a recording up of the in-person part of his demonstration.

Upcoming Events

  • July 2023 – Next month is our annual Empty Bowls themed meeting. We will have some guests from the Empty Bowls program to make a short presentation. After a break, Tony Rozendaal will attempt to demonstrate turning an end-grain bowl. Remember, we are meeting on July 10 to avoid any conflict with the Independence Day holiday.
  • August 2023 – this will be an “Extended Show-N-Tell” night. There will be a relaxed atmosphere with more time for socializing and the show-n-tell time will provide plenty of time for your story about a favorite piece and the challenges you faced bringing it to completion.
  • September 2023 – will be  a remote demo by Dave Landers. Topic: Sliced Hollow Forms. Remember, we are meeting on September 11 to avoid any conflict with the Labor Day holiday.









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