July 2023 Newsletter

The Milwaukee Area Woodturners held our July meeting at our usual meeting place on July 11 – a week late due to the Independence Day holiday. The meeting was headlined by two guests associated with the Empty Bowls event held by Freidens Food Pantries. Emily Runbeck presented some slides with some information about the Empty Bowls event and about Freidens services, and Colleen Volland, who has been the club’s main contact over the years was present as well. They announced that the Empty Bowls event is schedule for Sunday October 8, 2023. For 2023 the event will return to The Kern Center at MSOE.

After the break, Tony Rozendaal demonstrated his methods of roughing out a green bowl blank and then final turning and decorating a completed bowl. A number of members brought in their Empty Bowl contributions and it’s obvious that the club will easily exceed our pledge of 150 bowls. It’s not too late to participate – you can bring in completed bowls as late as the meeting on October 2.

A number of members brought in items for the gallery – Tom Hipsak took pictures of them as shown below. I added the names and information to the gallery photos from memory – if your piece was not identified or was identified incorrectly please feel free to pass the information along to me and I will add it.

July 2023 Meeting

We did record the meeting – both the guest presentation and the demo. That video is available at the top of the Video page on the website. The demo begins at the 37 minute mark.

Tools and Equipment

The club has purchased some tools to equip us for the work shop days. We purchased a corded electric drill and a set of drill bits and driver bits to help mount bowls to a woodworm screw. We have also purchased larger jaws to more securely mount bowls to the chucks for the Rikon lathes.

The club thinks it is missing our vari-grind jig for sharpening gouges. If you attended a work day or other event and mistakenly put this item in your tool kit, please let us know. There was a vari-grind present at the April work day and it has not been seen since that date.

August Meeting

There is no demo scheduled for the August 2023 meeting. We will have an extended show and tell session. If you have been working on a special piece, finish it up and bring it in with the story to tell. If you have made a tool which you use frequently, or that makes a complicated task easier for you, bring it in and tell us about it. We had an extended show and tell last January and it was well received. We will have a wood raffle and take a longer break.





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