July 2018 Meeting Review

At the July meeting…


Ken Thrun gave a nice review of segmenting. Ken was a pattern-maker by trade and this has influenced the way he makes segments. His preferred method is to draw a pattern for each segment size and cut out a curved segment on the bandsaw. By using a marking knife on the ends of the pattern, then tracing over that mark with a pencil on which he has a chisel point, he creates a segment which to me is amazingly accurate.

When Ken uses a table saw to cut rings, he uses a Kreg miter gauge. He doesn’t like some sleds because the segment is not supported and the cut is ragged or a small “hanger” is left at the end of the cut.

He uses a disk sander to sand up to the line on each segment, and makes sure to flip every other segment over to correct for any discrepancy for square in his sander table.

For gluing up rings, Ken spreads glue on the surface of the segments and rubs them together, and simply lays them on a flat surface. Within a few minutes the ring (or half ring) can be picked up and will stick together.

He glues half-rings together, then adjusts the fit with his disk sander before assembling the complete ring.

Art Bartling had also brought his segmenting sled in, so he brought it up and discussed it briefly.

New Televisions

The three clubs that meet in the basement have gone together and purchased two 55-inch flat-screen televisions for enhanced ability to see the demos. While the TV is much smaller than the projection screen, the image is much sharper. The A-V team(s) are still working on how to make a slide show to display on both TVs simultaneously, however, they are working very well with the camera setup that we have.

Thanks to Dave Drikhamer catching wind of a deal at Walmart, both TVs were purchased online for approximately $500. There will be some additional expense for a splitter which is not yet completely worked out.

Next Month

Tony Rozendaal will demo next month. He polled the group whether they would rather see a demo on making a lidded box or jar, or on offset turning. The overwhelming response is to do the demo on offset turning. See the show and tell pictures for photos of the chuck that will be used.

Show and Tell

There were only a few pieces brought in for the show and tell – they are shown below. Thanks to Tom Hipsak for the photos. When the photo comes up, click the lowercase “i” for more information about the piece.

2018 July Meeting – Gallery Items

More Photos from the meeting. See the Photo Gallery Page for all the meeting Photos. Thanks to Dave Drickhamer.

2018 July Meeting

Lathe for Sale

This is a reminder to all that Ron Zdroik has a lathe for sale.







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