January Meeting Review

The Milwaukee Area Woodturners held their monthly meeting on January 8, 2018.

Turn for Troops

The meeting opened and after Tony said a few words, Chris Kraemer from Woodcraft of Milwaukee shared a press release from Woodcraft Corporate in which the Milwaukee store received mention for the number of pens turned in for Turn for Troops. That press release will be posted elsewhere on this website.

Dave announced that the goal for Woodcraft of Milwaukee is to turn in 1000 pens or more for 2018. Dave will take the lead on that. Contact Dave for pen kits to turn. There are also pen blanks available through Dave and MAWT.

Tony Rozendaal then introduced the current Officers and board to the group:

The new board was introduced to the assembly:

  • President: Tony Rozendaal
  • Vice President: Carl Brust
  • Treasurer: Carl Brust
  • Secretary: Curt Van Weelden
  • Board member: Ken Thrun
  • Board Member: Steve Fosticz
  • Board Member: Dave Drickhamer

The volunteers were recognized, as the club cannot run without volunteers:

  • George Wawrzyniak – Membership
  • John Thompson, Art Bartling and Mark Houk who staff the lending library
  • Jerry Anson and Tom Hipsak who take care of the audio/video tasks each month


George Wawrzyniak introduced three new members and an individual that said he would be joining next month.

George requested that all members review their email address as some some emails are bouncing. This is important as all communications about the club are sent by email.

The updated membership list is posted under the Members Only portion of the website.

Upcoming Events:

  • April 14, 15 (and 16?) MAWT-sponsored paid demonstration by Michael Gibson.
    • Saturday – April 14 – $40 – turning a teapot from log to finish
    • Sunday (Monday?) hands-on – $135 – Perfect form and how to achieve it. This is definitely a hands-on as Michael is requesting 3 or more blanks for each student.
  • August 3 – 5, 2018 – Turn-on Chicago
    • Registration is now open
  • June 14 – 17, 2018
    • AAW National Symposium in Portland, OR
  • Upcoming MAWT Meetings:
    • February 5 – From Log to Bowl, Part II
      • Green turning a bowl blank, and remonting a bowl blank that was turned green for finish turning
    • March 5 – Open

Current AAW promotions can be accessed at the AAW site woodturner.org. Current promotions are:

  • Free Trial Membership with limited benefits
  • 3-month membership for $20, if signing up online with a credit card, includes full access to all online benefits

Scholarship Nominee

Tony announced the selection of Curt Van Weelden as a nominee for a scholarship to a woodturning class at either Arrowmont or the John C Campbell folk school. AAW will finalize their selections later in January.


Questionnaires were passed out to help the board better understand what club members would like to see demonstrated moving forward through 2018 and beyond. The questionnaire can be downloaded here.  After you fill it out, you can mail it to Curt, whose address is in the membership listing in the members-only portion of this website. Or, if you have the ability you can scan it in and email it to Curt.


Tony presented the concept of holding workshops for up to 4 people using the lathes available to us in the meeting area. He requested input from the club members, either in person or on the questionnaire for topics for those workshops.

Logo Patches

Tony wore a jacket that he had purchased and then had embroidered with the MAWT logo. Contact Tony if you are interested in a patch with the MAWT logo that can be sewn onto a hat, a jacket, a turning smock, etc.

Critique and Show-and-Tell

Tony and Jerry Anson  prevailed upon Ron Zdroik to critique one piece each. Curt Van Weelden asked Tony to critique a burr box with a finial. Critiques are something we want to do going forward.

A number of items were brought in for show and tell. See the pictures below.







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