Gauging Interest in Penturners Gathering

New/former member Greg Richter wants to hear from you if you are interested in participating in a Penturners Group. Greg was part of MAWT for several years and rejoined at the last meeting.

Some years ago, there was a regularly scheduled Penturners Gathering for the Wisconsin area, but it was discontinued. Greg would like to get it going again. The group will meet three or four times a year at Woodcraft.

There is an active pen turning forum on the internet at If you are not already a member, you can go to that site and create a free account. Next, navigate to Forums -> Local Chapters -> Wisconsin (<–or click the link for a shortcut). You can post a reply to Greg’s thread or start a new one.

Greg’s account is gjrichter and he can also be reached at

Also – if you reply to the email that contains the link to this post, MAWT will make sure Greg knows of your interest.

NOTE: you do not need to be an MAWT member to participate in this penturners group.







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