Follow up to June 1 demo

Hi all;

I hope you enjoyed the demo on the evening of June 1. Here are a couple things I would have mentioned if I had remembered or had time to cover them;

First – to download the PDF that I prepared for the demo – click here. (There is a really odd photo with no caption – that was a video in the original Powerpoint, it did not come across into the PDF very well. Our plan was to use the Powerpoint as part of the demo, but that did not work out).

Second –  the importance of using a jamb chuck when finishing off the tops and bottoms of lidded boxes – a jamb chuck gives the truest possible reverse chucking method. The more you use jamb chucks, the quicker and easier it becomes. A properly executed jamb chuck can take a surprising amount of force. I have even hollowed out a small box on a piece that was held with a simple jamb chuck – granted, it used a longer tenon than the ones I was demonstrating the other evening.

Third – there are other ways to texture the top other than the Wagner tool. I had brought two with me but neglected to show them. I had brought a Sorby chatter tool. Chatter tools work well in the end grain of hard wood. I had also brought a small Sorby star wheel. The star wheel is designed to use to cut spirals, but can also be run on edge to give and effect which is much like the Wagner tool.


Keep turning – we will see you soon!
Tony Rozendaal






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