February Meeting Review

Thanks to Jerry Tackes for presenting a great online demonstration on Monday, February 1. We had some issues getting the correct meeting invitation out, but at one time I saw 39 participants, which is about the most we have ever had. We’re hoping to have a recording of the meeting available to post to the website.

Jerry did an excellent job of showing us some more unusual turnings and then demonstrating the techniques used for each of them. I think Jerry was disappointed that there were not any more questions than those few that were asked, but his instructions were clear cut and easy to understand. Jerry also made clear that anyone who would like to be mentored in these techniques is welcome to contact him.

As part of the meeting, we had a review of the February virtual gallery, put together by Tom Hipsak. I wasn’t aware until recently how much work Tom puts into these “Virtual Galleries.” He edits each photo to highlight the subject matter and to eliminate background distraction, and then compiles the photos into a single document that is easy to page through. The gallery is available in another News Item.







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