Do you have a unique item that you make? Or, do you have a different “spin” (pun certainly intended) on a common item? Consider volunteering to demonstrate.

Milwaukee Area Woodturners would like to help you develop into an effective presenter. If this is something you feel like you want to do, contact Tony Rozendaal. If you have something you think you would make a worthwhile demonstration, but you are uncomfortable in front of people, we can work with you to develop your presentation skills.

Tom Hipsak mentioned these at the November meeting that the AAW has resources in this area as well. . These are found on the AAW Website under Chapters/Best Practices.

Planning and Presenting a Successful Demonstration Series by Frank Penta

  • Manual
  • Develop a Plan – VIDEO
  • Pre-plan for the Demonstration. Consider time, scope, and equipment – VIDEO
  • Develop the Demonstration – VIDEO
  • Instructional Handouts. A good handout is important to the success of a demonstration. It will help attendees better understand and will be a good take-home guide – VIDEO
  • Instructional Handouts. The how-to steps for creating the important elements of a successful handout – VIDEO

Deliver the Demonstration.

  • Preparation and organization tips – VIDEO
  • Demonstration checklist and tips for the camera operators – VIDEO
  • Relax and enjoy yourself. Have a great demonstration and have fun! – VIDEO

Planning and Presenting an Useful Demonstration


Amur Cork Bark Tree Vase







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