December Meeting Review

On December 4, 2017 MAWT held their annual Christmas Party potluck and ornament exchange in the basement of Woodcraft in Milwaukee.

A brief business meeting was held before the potluck. Two new board members were presented to the group and a vote of confidence gave unanimous approval to their selection.

For 2018 the board consists of the following members:

Tony Rozendaal (2016-2018) President
Carl Brust (2016-2018) Treasurer
Ken Thrun (2017-2019)
Steve Fostecz (2018-2020)
Curt Van Weelden (2018-2020)

The board positions of Vice President and Secretary will be determined shortly after the beginning of 2018.

An announcement was made of the opportunity to be nominated by the chapter for a Scholarship from AAW to either the John C Campbell school or Arrowmont School. If you have an interest in being considered for this nomination, please contact Tony Rozendaal before Christmas, as the nomination needs to be made to AAW before January 7, 2018. To contact Tony, see the information on the Contacts page of the website, or use the contact form on that page. To be considered for this nomination, you must be a member of both the AAW and MAWT.

The gift exchange was held and a few people had made snowmen figurines in response to the challenge presented last month. This posting may be updated if pictures become available.

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3 responses to “December Meeting Review”

  1. David Drickhamer Avatar
    David Drickhamer

    Great way to share info from a meeting. I think this method will work well and increase the use of our web site.

    Is there a way to attach photos to share?

    I’ll email you a few photos of the snowmen.

  2. Dan Meylink Avatar
    Dan Meylink

    I wasn’t able to make the meeting. Getting this report sent to me was much appreciated. Pictures would make it even better.

  3. Paul Prondzinski Avatar
    Paul Prondzinski

    I could not have said it any better than Dan. This is great when you miss a meeting. My snowman family is still growing. Don’t tell anyone in my family.

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