Current For Sale Items – November 2022

You can use the Members only portion of the website to find these persons’ contact details. If you are not a member and are interested, use the website contact for or reply to the email that linked to this news item and if you are deemed legitimate, the persons contact information will be forwarded to you. Frankly, unless the website administrator knows you he will not forward Lois’ contact information to you.

Bandsaw – Ron Zdroik has a 10-inch bandsaw that he has replaced and would like to sell. Contact Ron for details.

Lathe – Lois Erdmann wants to sell Richard’s Oneway 2436 lathe. She has a selection of chucks to go with it that fit the large Oneway lathes only. Contact Lois for details. I have asked Dan Meylink to get involved and help Lois determine a price for the equipment.







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    Mel Mickey

    Can you pass along Lois Erdmann’s contact information

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