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  • Website changes

    For some time, I have been considering making some changes to the website. The changes are to: Make the website easier to read and easier to navigate on a cell […]

  • Welcome New Members

    Welcome all the new members! This post reviews what to expect as a member of the Milwaukee Area Woodturners. Newsletter Every month, within a week or so of the meeting, […]

  • MAWT Website Access and Online Presence

    With all the new members recently I want to remind everyone that there is restricted content on the website that is available when you sign in. Most notably, there is […]

  • Writers Wanted

    Do you have a funny story about woodturning? DO you have a tip or trick you would like to share? We can post it on this website and it will […]

  • Website and Social Media

    (by Tony Rozendaal) Please read this. I have been working on some internet related things over the past few months. Instagram I have started an Instagram account for Milwaukee Area […]

  • Web Page Sign-on Improved

    I have made a slight improvement to the web page sign in which should result in less confusion. Now, upon signing in to view the Members Only pages, you should […]