Call for Board Members for 2018 (and beyond)

Are you a card-carrying member of the Milwaukee Area Woodturners?? Congratulations!! You qualify to be nominated to the MAWT Board of Directors!

What is required?

  • attend the monthly board meeting.
  • provide input and advice as to the direction of the club.
  • help to determine and schedule demonstrations.
  • provide input as to decisions about monetary expenditures.
  • help to ensure the meeting site is prepared before the meeting and cleaned up after the meeting.
  • other duties as they come up.

Presently, there is room for three additional members for 2018, as two of the members have reached the end of their term, and we have been one member short of the six that are defined within the bylaws.

Contact (in person or by email) any current board member (listed toward the bottom of this page) if you are willing to be nominated for 2018. The term is for three years.  If you see plans in your future that would limit this to one or two years, you are still welcome to self-nominate with this stipulation.






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