August Demo Information – Rings

(By Ron Zdroik)
Ring Making Suppliers – You can find the materials and tools I used at these vendors:
Craft Supplies USA (ring cores, blanks, crushed stone, metal powders, tools) (rings cores, crushed stone)
Ring (ring cores, blanks, crushed stone, metal powders, tools)
The Opal (crushed opal, ring cores)
Material Options:
Any hardwood that has a tight grain (or any stabilized wood)
    –  using veneers glued at right angles will greatly increase the strength of a wood ring
Acrylic and other plastic materials
    –  although I have not tried it, cast epoxy might be another option
Crushed stone (for inlay)
Metal powders (for inlay)
Copper or aluminum wire (for inlay)
Finish options:
Almost any finishing product can be used on the wood rings –
    –  oil finish and friction polish will give you a satin/semi-gloss finish
The following finishes will provide a glossy, water-safe coating for wood rings, although I would consider them water-resistant and not water proof.
    –  CA glue, polyurethane, lacquer, epoxy
For acrylic rings or finishing off crushed stone/CA glue inlay, I use:
    – Wet/dry sandpaper (400 grit, then 600-1000 grit), rubbing compound and polishing compound – use all with water. You can also use a final wax coat (I have used an automotive carnauba wax).
Photos of the rings I turned during the Monday evening demonstration:
Walnut with copper wire inlay
Cocobolo on stainless steel ring core
Acrylic on stainless steel ring core

Crushed opal in grooved stainless steel ring
Below is the bentwood ring that I was unable to finish during the demo. Made from two strips of 1/32” maple and cherry. The wood is heated in a pot of boiling water for a 2-3 minutes and quickly (and carefully) wrapped quickly around a form and then taped. The form can be anything from a wood dowel, a plastic pipe or a socket, as long as it is a smaller than your ring size. Allow to dry for a day and then saturated the coiled blank with thin CA glue. Let that dry and start turning.

Try giving the rings a turn…be creative!!!

Ron Zdroik






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