August 2022 Newsletter

I’m getting the newsletter out late this month – we met a week ago tonight.

We had about 20 people in house and 10 or so dialing in through Zoom – attendance was a little light, but we have come to expect that for August.

Jerry Anson explained how he had set up and created various parts of the large scale hand drill that the Guild is making. It was interesting to see how he overcame various challenges. I was particularly intrigued by how he cut threads in a soft wood like pine construction lumber. By the time you receive this, Jerry’s presentation should be on our Demo video page.

Greg Richter announced that Turn-For-Troops pens are now available from Woodcraft. When you request pen kits from them please give them your name so they can keep track of who has them and how many you have. There will likely be a Turn-For-Troops event scheduled in early November.

There will be another post about making bowl blanks for Empty Bowls and Beads of Courage.

Next month Jim Andresen will be demonstrating how he makes the segmented round pieces (deltahedrons?).

October, I will demonstrate making a natural edge bowl.

November, Rob Nelson will demonstrate making a Christmas ornament.

We hope to see you then!







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