August 2018 Meeting Review

For the August meeting Tony Rozendaal demonstrated making pendants with a shop-built eccentric jig. He also demonstrated the Joyner Jig and explained why he prefers the shop-built jig. Tony also uses these jigs to decorate the tops of lidded boxes.

NOTE: the Joyner Jig has been modified since Tony purchased his by adding more offsets to the plate.

The shop built jig is by David Mueller (click here) with modifications by Steve Lane  (click here)

Tony has also modified his jig to screw directly onto the spindle of the headstock rather than using it with a scroll chuck.

A couple things that Tony forgot to mention during the demo:

  • When drilling a hole in the pendant body for the dot inserts, drill deep as you can without drilling through the pendant body. Remember that you will be tapering and rounding off the edges of the pendant to shape it.
  • The Joyner Jig comes with an excel spreadsheet that you can use design different patterns on the pendants, by changing the offset numbers and rotation numbers.

Some of the pictures taken at the meeting are located here:

2018 August Meeting

Pictures from the regularly scheduled August 2018 meeting. Tony Rozendaal demod offset turning by making pendants. 

For the complete gallery, see the Photo Gallery Page.







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