April 2024 Newsletter

Hi – it’s been too long since we have published any updates about the Milwaukee Area Woodturners. Since the last newsletter, a number of things have occurred…

Welcome new members!! – between the Woodworking Show and the Alan Lacer weekend we have gained a few new members for 2024.

March Meeting – In late February we had our March Meeting. We had a remote demo by Donna Zils Banfield who showed how she uses woodburning, carving and a dry brush technique with acrylic paints to create her WOOD FFOLKKES and other pieces. It was a great demo and while she was demoing her dry brush technique, (she multitasked) talked about her transition from turning utilitarian items to turning and marketing her art. The video of that presentation is on the club website and members have received a link to access it. It will remain available for another month or so. Shoot me an email if you are a member and would like the link to the video.

Wood Working Show – Also in February the club had a booth at the Milwaukee Woodworking show. As usual, we had a few new members sign up as a result of the show. Thanks to Ron Zdroik for heading up the team and thank you to everyone who participated in the booth, AND in set-up and tear-down for the show.

March – Very little happened in March. Our scheduled Workshop Day was cancelled to to my being under the weather.

April – Just this past weekend our club hosted Alan Lacer for a paid demo on Saturday and for hands-on workshops on Sunday and Monday. The workshops were well attended. I attended the box making workshop on Monday and was able to fine tune some scraper grinding and burr forming skills that I had first learned years ago. I was also surprised to find that when my large skew is in the presence of Mr. Lacer it behaves reasonably well! I’m going to try to hone it up more often and use it when I’m turning here at home.

We will have a complete report on the financials of the Lacer event at a later date.

Alan Lacer Team – I want to recognize all those who helped make the Lacer weekend a success. I will probably miss someone so let me apologize to that person in advance.

  • Kevin Seigworth for being the main point of contact with Alan and the main organizer.
  • George Wawrzyniak and Dave McBride for keeping track of registrants and payments.
  • Leigh White and Dave McBride for making sure we had snacks and eats.
  • Steve Fosticz for procuring the turning blanks and coming in to help set up and bring Woodcraft’s lathes downstairs.
  • Gene Bobier and Mark Swinford for bringing Woodcraft’s lathe back upstairs and helping put things back together downstairs.
  • Ro Jodat and Jim Stephan who helped carry Alan’s stuff back upstairs and pack his van.


  • Remember that we have a Tuition Grant from the chapter for established members who wish to take a course in woodturning at an established institution (Think Mark Adams, Arrowmont, etc.) The link above requires sign in to the club web site to access.
  • We will have a regular meeting at 6:30 PM on May 6. Club member Bob Leonard will demonstrate a “Slipper Bowl.”
  • We plan to have a workshop day on Saturday, May 18 at 9:00 AM. There will be an email sent prior to the event.
  • Frieden’s Food Pantries has announced that it will have an event this fall but the date has not (to my knowledge) been published – however we have been asked to provide “pledge” for the number of Empty Bowls the club will provide – after polling a number of our members, I pledged 150 bowls for 2024.








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