American Association of Woodturners

For our newer members, the Milwaukee Area Woodturners is a chapter of the AAW. The AAW is an international organization of woodturners.

As an AAW chapter we receive certain benefits:

  • we purchase our insurance through a group plan sponsored by the AAW. We are insured against personal injury and property damage. Our insurance policy includes some coverage for our individual members as well when they are involved in chapter activities.
  • once a year we are given the opportunity to nominate a chapter member for a scholarship to one of two national Arts and Craft Schools. The nominee must be an AAW member.
  • our chapter would very likely not exist if it were not for the AAW and the guidance the chapter has received from them over the years we have been in existence.

MAWT does not require that you be an AAW member to join our club. However, individual AAW members receive certain benefits as well:

  • The most notable benefit is a bimonthly issue of a magazine, American Woodturner. Each issue contains articles that range from tips for beginners to sculpted pieces that defy explanation, but that inspire all of us to improve our skills.
  • A few times each year the AAW publishes Turning Fundamentals, an electronic magazine available for its members to download. These are chock full of articles for beginning and intermediate woodturners.
  • Many woodturning videos are available for download.
  • AAW Explore – a powerful tool to search all the past issues of American Woodturner, plus all Turning Fundamentals and many woodturning videos. Members can use this tool to find tips on almost any project you want to turn.

For more information about the American Association of Woodturners click here.

Yearly memberships start at $50 for an online membership (the magazine will be available only as a download). There is a free limited Guest membership available to try out membership benefits. For more information on membership types, click here.






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