Additional April Newsletter Items

Here are some items which could and should have been included in the original newsletter:

Discount Code for Virtual Symposium – the chapter has a discount code which will save you $20 off the price of the AAW Virtual Symposium, held late May. Reply to this email and I will forward that code to you. I need to keep some control over who gets the codes as I have requested 10 slots and need to go back and request more if those are used up. Sign up by May 4 for additional savings.

Events Calendar – A “Calendar View” had been added to the Upcoming Events tab on the website menu – this view includes all of the Wood Working Guilds events that are held in the Woodcraft Basement, as well as IAP Chapter events and of course, MAWT events. If you want to know whether the Woodcraft basement is in use, click on “Calendar View

May Meeting – The program for the May Meeting has  changed because Bob Leonard has not yet returned from Arizona. Therefore, the May meeting will be a brief presentation on wig stands for cancer patients, followed by an extended show and tell by members. 




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