AAW Scholarship Nomination

For the last few years, the AAW has offered a number of scholarships to AAW members who are AAW club participants. Based on the size of our club, MAWT is allowed to nominate one member for this scholarship. The scholarships are either to the John C. Campbell Folk School or to Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.

If you are interested in being nominated to this scholarship, contact Tony Rozendaal. In December. all the interested parties from MAWT will be entered in a random selection application and one person will be selected for nomination. Typically we will hear back from AAW in late January or February as to whether our nominee is selected for a scholarship.

NOTE: The scholarships are for tuition only – room and board, and transportation to and from the location is the responsibility of the person(s) receiving the scholarship. (This is not what was announced at the meeting November 5).






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